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Nominate A Charity



  • A call for nominations will go out two months prior to a meeting.

  • The nomination process starts fresh for every meeting. To be eligible for nomination, the charity must serve the Toronto Centre area and be a registered Canadian charity that can issue tax receipts. National charities will be considered if they have a chapter serving the local community. 

  • Any member or team in good standing can submit a charity for consideration.  Nominations by teams are limited to one charity per team per meeting. 

  • Members are welcome to nominate multiple charities in a year.  A charity can be nominated multiple times as long as they have not received a donation from 100 Who Care Toronto Centre in the past 36 months. 




  • Nominations must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the meeting.

  • Email your nomination details to with the subject of the email "Charity Nomination".

  • Include the following information in your nomination email, in the following order: ​​

    1. Nominating Member​

      • First Name, Last Name

      • Email

      • Telephone

    2. Name of Charity

    3. Charity Contact Information:

      • Name

      • Email

      • Telephone

      • Address

      • Website

    4. Charitable Registration Number

    5. Able to provide tax receipts YES or NO

    6. Able to accept funds via ?  YES or NO

    7. Population Served

    8. How the charity would benefit from receiving the donation

    9. Who will be making the presentation at the next meeting if selected?

      • Charity or nominating member?​

  • In the event that more than 3 charities are nominated, a draw will be held to select the final 3 charities for presentations. If your charity was not drawn (selected to present), you are able to nominate it again for a future meeting



The Leadership Team will vet nominated charities for eligibility. Eligibility criteria includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • The charity is in good standing with the CRA,  has a charitable registration number and will issue tax receipts through

  • The charity serves the Toronto Centre population




If selected, a representative of the charity or the nominating member will prepare a presentation. The presentation should be no longer than five minutes with a five-minute Q&A. 

The presentation should include the following:

  • Name of the charity

  • Location of the charity

  • Charity’s mission statement

  • Population served

  • How the charity would benefit from receiving the donation

  • How the donation funds will be used

  • Your personal connection with the organisation or why you nominated this charity.  

  • To assist in your preparation click HERE to watch a great presentation for Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter.

Click HERE to see charities we’ve supported in the past.

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