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As a member you will:

Make a difference to a local charity

Help others with minimal time commitment

Understand the needs of our community

Meet like-minded people


As a member you must:

Be caring about our community

Attend a 1-hour meeting 4 times a year

Donate $100 4 times a year 

Advocate for your charity 

Join As An Individual

Complete the form below to join as an individual.

Join As A Team

You can join as part of a 2 or 4 person team.  As such, you can divide the annual donation among the team members.  All team members can attend meetings, but the team is entitled to only 1 nomination per meeting, 1 vote and a tax receipt in 1 person's name. The team must decide who will make the nomination, vote and donate at each event. NOTE: Each member of the team must complete a Membership Form and include the name of their team. 

What Is A Member In Good Standing?

A member is considered to be in good standing if their donations are up to date. This allows you to nominate a charity and vote at meetings.


Join Our Chapter

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