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How do I join?

New members are always welcome. Click here to join today.   

Can I join as a team

Yes. You can be a team of 2 or 4 people. Each member will complete the Member Registration on our website and indicate that they are registering as part of a team. 


What is a member in good standing?

A member is considered to be in good standing if their donations are up to date. This allows you to nominate a charity and vote at meetings.


Why do you need members' personal information?

We collect members’ information strictly for the purpose of maintaining our membership list, communicating and confirming members are in good standing. 100 Who Care Toronto Centre will not sell, give, or otherwise share your personal information.


How do I cancel or withdraw my membership?

Please email us at in order to end or pause your membership.


How does a typical meeting work?

For in-person meetings, members arrive at the venue in time to register and receive their voting ballot. Depending on Covid restrictions, meetings may be held virtually on Zoom. 

In either case, following the presentations from the three charities, voting will take place. When the votes have been tallied, the charity with the most votes will be announced. Meetings will last 60 minutes. Members are invited to join the meeting early to socialize with other members. For more information, visit Meetings


What if I can't attend one or more of the meetings?

Not a problem. Members unable to attend may submit their vote by email to no later than 3 days prior to the meeting. The chosen charity will be posted on the website after each meeting. Please make your donation within five days.


Can members bring a friend to the meeting?

Absolutely. We are always seeking philanthropic people to join our group. Although we are called 100 Who Care Toronto Centre, we are not capped at 100 members, so newcomers are always welcome! In order to vote, the friend would need to become a registered member. 


How do we choose which charity will receive the donation?

Any member or team may nominate a local registered charity for consideration at least four weeks prior to the next meeting. Nominations details can be found HERE. If multiple charities are nominated, the Leadership Team will randomly select the 3 that will present at the next meeting. Each charity will get five minutes to present, followed by a brief Q&A. A vote will take place and the charity with the most votes will receive the entire donation.


Which charities are eligible for consideration?

The charity must serve Central Toronto and be a registered Canadian charity able to provide tax receipts for donations. It must have filed and reported at minimum one full tax year (startup charities are not eligible). National or international charities will not be considered as the focus is on contributing to not-for-profits in our local community. A local branch of a national charity that will be using the funds solely in Central Toronto can be nominated. If you are unsure as to the eligibility of a charity please email


A charity can be nominated more than once as long as it has not been the recipient of a donation in the past 36 months. All charities will be vetted according to our chapter’s guidelines.


If I volunteer with a charity, can I nominate them?

Yes. We encourage all of our members to nominate the charities that are meaningful to them. There is no conflict of interest when you nominate a charity you volunteer with. 

If I work for a charity, can I nominate them?

No. However this does not preclude another member from nominating the charity.


The organization I nominated was chosen to present at the next meeting but neither myself nor a representative from the charity is available to make a presentation. Can we defer to the next meeting?

No. Charities cannot defer their opportunity to present at a meeting. If neither a representative of the charity, or the nominating member, are available to present, the charity can be re-nominated for a future meeting.

What happens in the case of a tie vote?

Ties will be decided by a further vote. If a tie persists, a charity will be selected randomly by the Leadership Team.


How do I make my donation?

Online: Donate via the 100 Who Care Toronto Centre Canada Helps account. Please donate $100 plus the Canada Helps service charge.  Payment should be received within 5 days of the meeting.  

Cheque: Donations can be made via cheque made out to the selected charity. If the meeting is virtual, send your cheque to: 100 Who Care Toronto Centre 1730-400 Walmer Road  Toronto, ON M5P 2X7.  If the meeting is in person, bring your cheque to the meeting. Payment should be received within 5 days of the meeting.  


Can I send the donation to the charity myself?

No. The goal is to make a large donation on behalf of our chapter. This is the power of joining together! 100 Who Care Toronto Centre tracks your donations so that you remain in good standing. Donations can be made by cheque (made out to the selected charity) or online through the 100 Who Care Toronto Centre page, please check our Donation Page.


Are donations tax deductible?

Absolutely. Members will receive tax receipts directly from the charity.


How much of my donation goes to 100 Who Care admin costs?

None of it. 100 Who Care Toronto Centre is organized and operated entirely by volunteers. 100% of the money raised at our meetings goes directly to the selected charity.

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