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How It Works

The goal of 100 Who Care Toronto Centre (100WCTC) is to support charities that work at the grassroots level of our community.  At just one meeting, our collective donations turn into a  $10,000 donation for a worthy cause.  Meetings are conducted in under one hour.  When that happens four times a year, we witness how $40,000 can improve the lives of our neighbours. 

Here’s how it works:



Join 100 Who Care Toronto Centre by filling out the Membership Commitment Form.

This enables you to:

  • Attend meetings

  • Nominate a charity

  • Confirm your commitment to donate $100 (either individually or as part of a team) to the charity selected at each meeting



Nominate a Charity

  • Prior to each meeting there will be a call for nominations

  • Any registered charity that serves the Toronto Centre can be nominated, as long as they have not received a donation from 100WCTC within the past 36 months.

  • Click HERE for more info and nomination forms


Attend Meetings

  • Meetings are held four times a year

  • Meetings are one hour long

  • Three charities will make a presentation at each meeting

  • Members vote for their charity of choice.  The charity with the most votes will receive a $100 donation from each member or team




  • Members make a donation within five days of a meeting

  • Payment can be made online using 100 Who Care Toronto Centre’s CanadaHelps account

  • Tax receipts will be sent out directly from the charity​​

For more information see Frequently Asked Questions


1 Hour

100+ People


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